Lightning Bolt pet tag

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All of our pet tags are made to size of your companion. They are made with two pieces of hand-cut aluminum, copper, or brass joined by handmade copper rivets. 

The top layers is either:  
20 gauge aluminum, 20 gauge copper, or 22 gauge brass. 

The back layer is:
18 gauge aluminum, 18 gauge copper, or 22 gauge brass. 

All of our tags include your pet’s first name and 1 phone number hand-stamped in them. They attach to the collar with a steel split ring. Please feel free contact us with any questions.

***All tags are custom made***
We do not offer refunds on custom work, but please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Thanks for shopping handmade!This cute little bow tie pet tag is hand cut from brass and aluminum, and is finished with handmade copper rivets.  Your pets first name, and one phone number will be hand stamped on the back.  All of our tags are 'made to size', please remember to include when ordering:


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